Kernaudour's dovecote

Armoripark is located on the medieval domain of Kernaudour.

Begard's council has chosen to emphasize its rich historic heritage by conserving and restauring its magnificient dovecote which is still visible in the parc nowadays. Conoisseurs will easily recognise and appreciate the typical Breton architecture from the 17th century of the dovecote. Moreover, all the buildings were preserved and have now become Armoripark's bar and restaurant.


The bonzai oak tree

A bonzaî oak tree has grown on top of the dovecoat and was elected "tree of the year" in 2013 by the Internet users.



pour les personnes ayant un handicap les conditions d'accès à l'activité The dovecoat sont les suivantes :

malentendant Accessible sans aide ou accompagnement malvoyant Accessible sans aide ou accompagnement personne à mobilité réduite  Accessible accompagné ou avec l’aide d’une tierce personne Personne atteinte d'un handicap mental  Accessible sans aide ou accompagnement