Armoripark's Animals

Leisure park - Armoripark


Approaching the farm animals

During your visit, you will come across our lovely farm animals in their pens or pastures (some of them were even born in our park). You may meet:

  • Lulu the grey donkey
  • Glesker the cow
  • Fifi the goat
  • Without forgetting Quina the mare
  • You can also observe our hens and roosters in the farmyard!
  • Our Ushant sheep
  • Our peacocks
  • Our geese

The Aviary

Situated at the centre of the park, our aviary is inhabited by colourful birds. Here you will find:  

  • Pheasants (golden pheasants, red pheasants, Lady Amherst pheasants).
  • Parakeets (lovebirds, cockatiels, budgerigars).
  • As well as other species for you to discover!  

The attractions